Enrico Drudi - San Marino

Born on 1967 August 3rd – living in the Republic of San Marino (RSM).

Doctor in Economy (University of Bologna – Italy) on 1990 and finishing the 2nd Doctor title in Finance and Insurance (University of Bologna).

Breeder of Tosa (FCI 260), with kennel name “Tisama Tosa Ken” recognized by FCI. Now I’ve 13 tosas and 1 central asian shepherd.

FCI Judge for group 2,4 5, 6,7,8, 10.

During the last years I judged in several countries like Italy, San Marino, Austria, Slovenja, France, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Moldavia, Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, … at international shows.

Languages spoken : Italian, English, German, French, Spanish and a little Russian.

Actually President of Kennel Club San Marino.