Alberto Vergara - Italy


Alberto Vergara is Veterinarian and Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Teramo.

He was breeder of Italian Cane Corso since 2000 and with the kennel name of “Fosso Corno” produced Italian, Club and European champions. He was member of the National Board of the “Società Amatori Cane Corso” (SACC), recognized by the Italian Kennel Club for the safeguard and promotion of the breed.

Today he breeds French Bulldogs with the Kennel name of “Boule de Voyance”.  Boule de Voyance Frenchies are well known and successfully showed in the main National and International Shows. In the year 2014 Boule de Voyance won the prestigious “Breeding Trophy of Italian Kennel Club” as absolute best Kennel of 9th FCI Group.

Alberto Vergara is the Author of numerous articles and of the first italian book entirely dedicated to the French Bulldog. He was President of the Technical Committee of the Italian Companion and Toy Breeds Club and Responsible of the Section of Little Molossers. Since 2005 he is a member of the National Board of the Italian Companion and Toy Breeds Club and since 2013 vice-president of Teramo Delegation of Italian Kennel Club.

Alberto Vergara is a FCI Judge for all the breeds of 9th, 4th, and of 10th FCI Group and for many breeds of 2th group with experience in countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Ireland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Latvia, Norway, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Russia. Alberto Vergara contributed with the Italian Companion Toy Breeds Club and with the Italian Kennel Club ENCI to elaborate the cards for Judges’refresher courses.