Antonio Mračević - Montenegro


I am International kinology judge for the whole FCI groups II , III, IV,V, VIII , IX
I judge at lot of national and international dog shows in my country and abroad. Nowadays, more in foreign countries.Montenegro, Serbia, Italy, Belarus, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, San Marino, Bulgaria, Russia, Finland,Litvania ,Czech Republic and others 

Also very often judgespecialized dog shows FCI group III terriers bull type , others, and group IX, Chihuahua , French Bulldog, Bison frize ,Maltese, Shih tzu , French poodle , others.

Currently I am President of Kennel Club of Podgorica which is located in Podgorica, capitol of Montengro.

I breed Chihuahua i Miniature Bull Terrier for last eleven years.

I have my  own kennel  ‘’Antoniocasanuova kennel’’. It isregistrated in‘’FCI - FédérationCynologiqueInternationale’’.

 1986. g I have  entered the world of kinology with breed Wire Fox Terrier. I bred it for 14 years u   While I was breeding, I was also showing my dogs, helping in organization of first dog shows in my country.

In late 90’s I found myself in the breeds of  III  Fci group  JRT , AST , SBT, BT  and in many  dogs from IX Fci  group.

I speak English, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian ( fluently) and Italian ( basic).