Aleksandar Petrović - Serbia



I’m born in Belgrade 1982.
I breed under kennel "Of Vilma Black Swan" since 2009, specialised in Poodles but I had also breed Shar-Pei.
At the moment I am proud owner of ten Poodles.
Under my kennel I breed many Champions,CIB and BIS winners in both Poodles and Shar-Pei.
My love and passion for dogs started as child when in 1990 I get my first dog English
Cocker. Later I get a Golden Retriever and French Bouledogue.
Now I’m living in a small rustic village Sakule, close to Belgrade, where I and my dogs are near the nature.
I have travel around a lots in different countries and show my dogs. Going to the World and Europe dog shows. Is a big interest to see dogs all over the world.
Passionately love for all dogs and of course specially for Poodles and French Bouledogue.
To be a judge is part of my dog life, till today I judged at Nationality and speciality dogs show in Serbia, Italy and Sweden.